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We produce quality garments, which you can easily sell!

As a custom ladies' wears manufacturer, we works for many fashion labels and independent designers around the world. Our professional team brings your designs to life. Each garment will be branded with your label and get custom care labels. we ensure that your customers will remember your brand!


Fabric Sourcing

  Chinese markets have millions of fabric options for your fashion project!We will find you the right fabric and accessories!


  Our guides have many years of experience

in the fashion industry and know the market


  We can offer you the fabric swatches and 

Accessories which you are looking for.




*ODM:Your Unique Designs

Behind each design, there is a unique story, custom private labels production gives you complete control over every details of your collection.

OEM:Pre-Design Garments

Our designs include basic designs and contemporary fashion.Creating a branded collection based on existing designs and easiest and fastest way to sell clothing under your own labels.


Quality &Delivery

  High Inspection standards of Customers service.

Monitor and Checking at each steps.Ensure the delivery on time!Keep the good communication and deal with after-service.

Let's get your project started!Tell us about it!

Thanks for your submitting!

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